1Do you take reservations?
Yes, please contact the restaurant on +62 (0) 361 - 731964
2Do you do delivery?
Yes, we offer delivery services. Deliveries are free of charge within a certain radius from our restaurant; prices increase with distance.
3Do you do catering and private events?
Yes, we offer catering for events both small and large. In addition, our upstairs cinema is the perfect venue for educational, corporate or social outings and can be hired for your next event. Click here for more information.
4Is your food organic?
A true organic certificate is incredibly hard to come by in Bali, due to the elaborate irrigation systems. However, we go to great lengths to ensure our food is as pure as possible, regularly visiting farms and testing soil firsthand. We also ensure that our imported products are organic wherever possible, and also that they support struggling communities. For example, our Quinoa is sourced from Peru, aiding the traditional farmers. We also only import food from non-GMO countries, for example the soybeans used in our Tempe originate from Brazil rather than the considerably cheaper option of the US. Please contact us if you would like more information on our produce.
5Do you offer gluten free items?
The majority of our dishes are gluten free, and those that contain gluten are marked as such on the menu.
6How much of your menu is raw?
Approximately 70%, not including our juice and smoothie menu.
7What sweeteners do you use?
We only use natural, vegan sweeteners which include Agave, Coconut Nectar, Date Syrup and Palm Sugar.
8What’s your most popular raw food dish?
The raw Veggie Burger is our best-seller, which has a variety of colours and textures on the plate and uses our special seeded ‘bread’. A close second is the Raw Hummus with Tempe Chips.
9Who can I contact for press enquires?